Holeta you surprise me.

When I first arrived I was not sure what to expect.  In my room in Washington  I looked up as much information I could find.  I was told things would be different and not quite what I was used to.

In my second year I was unsure about things.  My body craved the diversity that I was familiar too.  Chips had a new meaning (French fries) and drinks were far simpler.  I learned that moccioto was the local version of a mocha.  The neich/white taste reminded me of the familiar Carmel taste from my past.

Now in my 3rd year I have found a local place that had 3 essential things food, drink, and wifi.  In that order I finally felt a a decrease in the resistance to the change.

I am not as talkative I would rather listen.  I try to choose my words carefully so I don’t confuse or offend anyone accidentally.

I wish I was the sophisticated woman I used to be. Go places and explore things.  Socialize and feel confident about my decisions.

Give me more time and as you have surprised me Holeta, I will surprise you.

Sara G.

Last week in March

Just think that we are about to enter the 4th month of the year! Whoa!

As I realized that I have one month to get through as I almost complete my 3rd decade.  So much is coming to my mind.

March became helper month as I helped around the compound. The hawks and crows circled around looking for leftovers to satisfy their hunger.

I noticed smartphones awaking from their slumber as I waited my turn.  I turned to music as a soothing aid to my restless mind.

Do I miss tweeting and going on Facebook? Of course I do.  As I have been reminded it might be good to stay away from the talking heads.  I use my blog and email as my way of communicating to my readers and friends.