Thank you everyone for giving me this chance to share my life story.  I hope I can guide another generation with my adventures in life.  More to come soon! Sara

Saturday the 15th.

It’s been a long few weeks. My heart did its usual slip and slide trying to compete against the norm of this society. I collect music like seashells on a beach. Some soothes me while others energize me. I feel this wanting to catapult out of my sheltered home into the big wide world that…… Continue reading Saturday the 15th.

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2/5/17 Health update, Politics, Devices, and Grey’s Anatomy. My body has been feeling really well since I began taking my new evening medicine. I have been able to sleep and wake up feeling as if I had been floating on a cloud. I think that is better than feeling like I was on a boat…… Continue reading 2/5/17

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How does one refamiliarize themselves with a device and software?

2/6/17 My mom makes me feel like I can work gadgets and devices and they will just work. <Pop> Just like that! Problem is I am very old school like early 2000’s technology. I taught myself basic keyboarding on a toy laptop that my parents got my brother and I. It took a lot of…… Continue reading How does one refamiliarize themselves with a device and software?

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