Greetings from Sara!

With my iPhone feeling the groove of music in my ears I am trying out this new laptop. So far I am loving it. I felt a little bit glee as I was skimming through the Start program. I am trying to remember if my first desktop I purchased was a HP. I sense this feeling of familiarity going through my veins as I go through things. I honestly felt left outside the box trying to step on my tippy toes hoping to peek back into the world I remember. I didn’t realize how bashful I felt as I was trying to figure out how to turn the gadget on. Yep I called it a gadget because it felt a new toy on Christmas Day. This laptop is so lightweight and I am able to flow with the keyboard as if it was an old friend. Holy crap I have typed 149 words so far. Damn I feel like a human again. I am not sure if you all would like me these days. I am more blunt and easy going. I am trying to find myself in the little things. Just trying to use this Word program is a treat since I haven’t really used anything new per say in almost 3 years. This has everything from to a definition of a word to how to use the Thesaurus. Hmm let me try adding an emoticon and see what happens J. Wow nice!

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