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Dear Readers:

I hope you are enjoying your time visiting Starting Over 2013. This is has been my safe haven for my dealing with my post divorce life. I want to show that a person can live after trauma. Some say that verbal and emotional pain might not be as real as the other most known trauma. I am here to say that is 100% untrue. I have dealt with bullies, so called friends, and people that even thought I was using them. I as an individual have a huge heart for people with special needs and falling through the social cracks of life. We are the ones that society thinks nothing can come from our lives. Once again I say baloney! I am a hard working human that wants to change the outlook of the world when they see me. I have ADD and depression from the stress and anxiety that I call my life. Yet with all of this I want to change the world one individual at a time.

So as we live through this world lets take the time to smile and give someone the time of day. You never know you might be saving their life with that one action.

Until next time,

Sara Gamachu signing out.

Also enjoy reading My Journey Through Life. It has the life before I started over in it.

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