My heart contemplated to stop blogging. For a long time it became my vice. A way to speak out. A way to say I am ok.

I thought about writing a post called About A Girl or something in that area. Being one of the 91% of the world’s population is tough. Women can get a bad rap for their choices. Either a pretty face or have a nice bod. What about our minds? We are leaders in the business world. We are the fashion designers that make up the styles we wear. We entertain the world with a laugh, a song, and a smile.

I am ending my 30s with the goal of healing my mind. Forgiving myself for past choices. And proving that I am not just a girl, but a human being. My weakness is caring for others and putting them first. I have to be reminded to take care of me and things will come along when the times come.

I am a woman growing into her own skin. I live on charity and assistance trying to get my feet on the ground. I read other bloggers to remind me I am not alone. I have friends and extended family praying and hoping for me. I fight myself to make a change. To grow into the woman I am meant to be.

The best advice given to me stay grounded. Have a little faith. Dance like nobody is watching. Be yourself because there is nobody like you.

Sara Gamachu

Written 2017

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