Being away from social media.

It was incredibly hard.  When I want to post what is going on I couldn’t.  I had people ask me if I was on Facebook when I was on my phone.  Internally I groaned no I am not.  Taking pictures and not sharing them became blahs.  It was as if my creativity was drained out of me.  I realized I missed tweeting things and not worrying about how many likes or favorites I got.  

Your on too many social media I was told.  Can’t you keep anything to yourself?  I wanted to scream at times.  Than I hear the n word.  That is not normal.  Normally people don’t post so much.  

I told myself I was networking showing my skills in a limited capacity.  Than I realized I began forgetting somethings and self doubt entered my mind.  It was terrible.  I had conformed into some kind of robot. I hated it with every fiber inside of me.

I am young and have this amazing brain that was never really normal.  I have people commenting that they enjoyed my posts.  They wanted more.  I wanted more.  I am an individual and proud of it.  If you don’t like it than I will go somewhere I am wanted.  People like me for me.  That is all I ever wanted.  I am a writer and blogger.  As Sara I live without fear.  I stand for the underdogs.  I am alive even though I feel weak.  I am human with all my weaknesses.  

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