Yes I love social media.  I found it to be a great way to network and express myself.  I am far away from my friends and trying to relate to my family.  I went months without a peep about this ever changing society.  

I take pictures in order to remember things.  I was the photo hungry mom trying to catch as many moments of my son’s life.  

When I bought my first smartphone I went ahead to find music apps to help us relax at the end of our day.  I blog so he can see the world through my long distance eyes.  He is my life and I want the best for him.  He called me Molly before I became mom.  Who was I to change him.  He is just right the way he is.  

I don’t need to be jealous.  I just want to be there for my friends through the events of their lives.  I am sure deep in their hearts they would want the same for me.