I haven’t disappeared just watching the world go by in my butterfly cacoon. Shaking my head at politics in general. Glad to see France is trying to help the migrants. Wondering how people can die or get sick from being imprisioned for their beliefs.

My friend reminds me that history is repeating itself. I agree sadly. But hope is that my generation can prove that we want to help others instead of ourselves. We want to be the change that we see in others.

Recently I received two direct messages on Twitter that proved to me that I am obviously making my own mark. One was Roma Downey. It came when I was emotionally going through a storm clinging to my faith. She called me “Beloved”. Wow doesn’t that warm your heart just reading that? It did mine. I sent my 3rd DM back to her. It was inspiring that someone sought me out to bless me.

When I started 2017 I wanted to be healthy and happy. With all the situations in my life I was determined that was all I wanted this year. Being a helper to my mom has its days. With the chronic pain from Post Polio Syndrome my work can be rough. I am her cheerleader when she accomplishes things and her right hand tech ninja when devices act up. I pray for her when the pain is bad and depression comes along. I remind her that she has come so far in her life even with her handicap. When I need to I even tell her “Now what would your mother say or brothers?” That usually helps her see things in perspective.

So when I am not recharging my internal batteries aka resting I am thinking about life in general. I am still here until my last breath (which should be a long time if I can help it).