How could I be more thankful. I have spent most of my offline time reading. Thanks to iBook I have collected books that young Molly would have envied. Each time I read something I could relate to it. I felt like these characters were heroes and heroines in my eyes.

When I was young I got the reading bug. We had a library close to our home and my mom would take us there. I would return home with books to read and by my next visit I was ready for another helping. Getting my own library card was my passport to another world that accepted me.

As I got older the library seemed bigger. I loved the idea of the Dewy Decimal became a new language spoken to the reader in me. I was in my own Neverland. As a young adult I wanted to be a library assistant. Putting books in order and helping a new generation of readers.

Now I am writing two blogs and reading others journey at the same time. Life is great!

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Molly Sebhat