I have been working on the Sara Project. It’s the one thing going for me as I battle this crud. It’s bad enough that I can’t remember when it started. Just know I want it to end soon.

I have 10 likes so far on my Facebook Page @Saramahlet. It is a wonderful feeling to reach out to the community. I suddenly realized how comfortable I was with Molly Sebhat. It is like I have hit a happy medium with that name. It gave a spin to my bicultural lifestyle.

I am finally feeling on my own mentally. I have talks with my depression and anxiety trying to find the root of it all. So far what I have come up with the craving for acceptance. Occasionally my ADD chimes in that people just don’t get us so we give them what they want to see. What a curious response. We want a chance to express ourselves without being judged. I agree 300% (one for each of them).

So you see readers I am just getting started with the next chapter of my life. I shall call it the writing years. See if you can keep up with me! šŸ‘‘

Molly Sebhat