I was able to rest more today. This cold has gotten me down. Right now it is the cough that I am battling with. The rain is pounding from the sky as it shivers to the ground. I have my Anxiety Coach podcast playing in the background. The huge grey cloud surrounded our neighborhood. It matched my internal mood of my body.

I was reminded that people follow my Facebook profile. It is exciting to have a a fan base. Once I get a break I will add a picture to my cover page on Sara Gamachu. My gut brain is at peace and excited. Won’t you write a review of my work on my blogs. You can share your favorite posts with others.

I am so excited to share my work with you the readers and subscribers! I have almost 200 images on Instagram that I enjoy taking. Pinterest is my boards on Africa, quotes, and hope to’s. Yes I use as many platforms to express all my creative juices.

For those of you complimenting my photos thank you. Being labeled beautiful is the kindest thing you can tell someone battling depression and anxiety. 👑

Molly Sebhat