When the words look so crystal clear.

When you feel a conection with the reader or writer.

I listened to the voices in a song and felt this fresh feeling like I was already there even in the 90s.

I felt like I could say so much with no fear.  Because I had faith that someone will hear, read, see and understand what I am trying to communicate.

My gift is writing and sharing information with others.  I feel their pain and want to say “Let it out.” Don’t keep it in because it will just hurt more.

When I watched the clips of the Harvey Weinstein scandal my heart felt rage and peace.  Rage that someone could hurt so many.  Peace that justice will finally be served for so many.

It gave me a hope and understanding that it was not a dream or a nightmare.  It was my mind protecting me until I was ready to process the information that had happened to me.  Stress and anxiety were my body guards ready to help me as I gathered my wits after a situation I thought I couldn’t bear.

I finally got on the soap box and said enough is enough.  We are human beings that have hurt each other in so many ways.  Let’s try to get along so the next generation might not make the same choices we have or done.