How it all began

I am posting this entry to both of my blogs that way all my readers can read it at the same time. A Girl’s Journey through Life and Starting Over in 2013 can read this post. First I have ADD. That means I tend to go around in circles with my words. When I want to make a point, you had better believe it I get to that point. Before I begin, I want to thank you all for reading my work. Feel free to check out my Contacting me Page on A Girl’s Journey through Life for more information about finding me online. If you can do a comment or follow on any of those pages mention that you have read my blog. I want to reach out and touch someone with my words.

I was born Mahlet Sebhat. I got married in my 30s and became “S’s” wife. Now that I am divorced I am back to being Mahlet Sebhat. My American grandmother gave me the name Molly because my real name was too difficult to say. I have also been known as Kuku (yes like the clock). When I left “S” I went by Molly a lot. After the divorce, I took back Mahlet as my first name. My name means melody. I had a friend at church call me Melody when I told her what Mahlet meant. I liked that. I was able to have my own identity. I also went by the name of Misty that was an acronym from the initials of my full name. I liked Misty because it had a mysterious way about it. I used it for my avatars and some blogs that I started a long time ago.
As Mahlet, I was the daughter of the local Pastor and educator. It was nice for a while, yet I was under a cultural microscope. I was an African living in America. I could not relate to the Ethiopians much less the Americans (Afro or otherwise). It was not until my 20s in college that I was given the choice to become an American citizen. After living a majority of my life in the country of plenty how could I not choose to be American? I wanted to be recognized for myself and not being the daughter of so and so. I wanted my own identity.
I was a child of the 90s otherwise known as Generation X. We were strong, rebellious, and wanted to make ourselves known in the world. As I look back now I probably have touched so many people with my unique personality. I was full of energy and yet very quiet. I was ready to give my two cents into a conversation even if I was clueless about the subject. When I worked at Magnolia Audio Video, I fed my personality with at all that knew about technology. I wanted to work back stage as a support staff because I was not confident for the big leagues. If you think about it, what makes the big leagues so big… that is right the support is there to make the stars look their best. I loved getting cups of coffee for my sales people. The thought of my voice over the intercom calling out staff members for their client gave me a power of confidence. In the retail world of MAV, I trained myself to be the person that knew the basics of the home audio electronics world. I was a petite woman with a strong mind. I could tell customers where the accessories were and point them in the direction of the specialist in that field. My counter was my cube where I can see everything from televisions, home stereos, and all the mobile gadgets that could make any millennial drool. For almost 5 years, I was at my best professionally. I felt like was on top of the world watching things roll by on carts.
You probably are curious how it all started. This energy and motivation to become am blogger of creative writing flair. Reading and writing was the only thing I was good at. I was reading the entire Encyclopedia at a young age. My imagination took me to Narnia with Aslan and be a silent member of The Babysitter’s Club. I wanted to live in their world and just glisten in their glow of young adult books. I wanted a kindred spirit like Anne of Green Gables minus the hair pulling of Gilbert. Of course, I watched television and movies like any normal kid. When I first saw Grease on the box, I knew right away that I wanted to be Sandra Dee complete with the black skintight ensemble. It was all that wishing and hoping that gave me the valor to begin journaling. I was afraid to talk so I wrote things. I annoyed my math tutor one session when I wrote out my question instead of just saying it. I was terrified to use my voice. What if people judged me? Could they understand the world as I saw it? Why it was the bullies pushed around the underdogs. Yes in my junior high years that was evident in my life. By seventh grade, I was tired of being picked on. Yes, I was an African with a strange name and hairstyle. Sure, I was skinny, but I had to deal with it. Could I burn you with the fire that was started from my skinny legs? Okay maybe I just threw that one in, but you get the point. I was a minority just wanting to be accepted by anybody. I wanted to go to the dances and enjoy myself with my peers. I wanted to have every experience that life had to offer and then some more. I wanted my own identity!
It was not until seventh grade did my creative skills began being recognized. “Did you know you were a good speller?” My teacher asked me after I took the national scholastic test. Huh, you mean me. No way! So began my grooming into the creative and scholastic world. The next year I surprised everyone (including myself) by qualifying for the local spelling bee for my grade. That was a huge wow moment. It gave me the self-confidence to believe that I could really do something. That year I read everything I could find about Corrie ten Boom. It was the time that I was introduced to Crème Puffs. How could something be so sweet and yummy? Corrie became my hero. She wrote about living through the World Wars and actually surviving to be a missionary for God. I used her words to be my inspiration to start writing out my thoughts and self-expression.
As a young person in secondary school, I had to learn that I was unique. I began my first year with dreams of dances, homecoming, and every event I could imagine. I was part of the largest class in the school’s history (Go Warriors!). I did not care about good grades I just wanted to have fun. I got a taste of working in the schools office for my elective. It was a nice break from the regular sitting and learning that I had been doing on the daily basis. Although when I brought a slip from the office the recipient could go for either something positive or negative reason. It was powerful to be the bearer of news. I usually never really knew what was happening I was just glad to go through the halls for various tasks. That must have given me the taste of working in an office environment. Then of course, when the bell rang for the next class I went along to whatever subject was awaiting me. For four years, I was a scholarship student in a private school schedule. We spent most of the year cheering on the athletes and applauding the student politicians. It was great. Sure, I nearly failed most of my sophomore year… but it was worth trying to be part of the popular group. Oh I was part of a group alright I would name it other group that did not fit into the social life of high school. One subject that I excelled in was Creative Writing. The idea of expressing my thoughts in a popular private school was something I loved. By the time, I was in my junior year of high school I had been through the traditional education system otherwise known as Public, Private… and ended up homeschooling that second to last year. Like I said, my GPA was low and my self-confidence even lower. I could not fit in anywhere socially or academically. I basically gave up. What was there for me? Therefore, my parents taught me at home. I was relearning all the mathematics that I hated (as far as I was concerned math hated me back.) My father challenged me to learn about my Ethiopian heritage. Since learning the language was too difficult at least the history intrigued me. Yes, the two other subjects that I loved were history and geography. So began my junior year of high school. Nobody or nothing to distract me. Sure I was (and always will be) organized challenged. Yet pop history became my thing. I could tell you who was staring in what movie without blinking. I knew the latest popular music genre and how to sing to them. I was dancing along with Britney, Christina, and Backstreet Boys tunes. Sure, I was a misfit… but I was one that knew where it was at.
After a year of homeschooling, I went back to public school. I attended an alternative local high school on the community college campus. I went from being in the elite to finally finding a place for myself. Trust me alternative was a nice way of saying you could not make it in the traditional school system. Funny thing that was the best year of my life. I went to class and felt comfortable in my own skin. I was not a PK I was just me. I learned about how I did not have to fit into society’s bowl of cherries. I could make my own bowl and fill it with other fruits. It was fabulous. By the time I had ended my educational career I was learning the back story of the world’s history. I enjoyed taking a Humanitarian class that helped me see how the world really turned historically. It was as if I had been learning the top layering of history and not known the deep skin of it. I took a science class that had us researching the conditions of the body such as lupus. My favorite class was the creative writing that gave me a chance to write and share all my personal thoughts towards the world. It was like I finally got a chance to express myself without being judged. That was also the year that I achieved some amazing goals: I got a 4.0 GPA, part of the school newspaper staff, and attended events that praised my good grades (Who’s Who of American Students c/o 1998). My biggest amazement.
So that is just the beginning of my story. I hope to share more as time goes on. Feel free to share, comment, and all that feedback. This is Sara Gamachu aka MollyS signing off until next time.
Peace, Love, Hope, and Positivity for all!