2018 and beyond….

I never realized how much I have changed other peoples life.  Just getting up and getting myself going is a challenge sometimes.  It wasn’t until my friend brought it to my attention that I was a strong woman who has lived an extrodinary life.

Last year I began a journal that I wanted to post in the future.  It was a story to explain how I have dealt with so many challenges and yet haven’t totally given up yet.  It was this time last year that I was plugging along and getting the words out before my memory would fog up again from the S&A (stress and anxiety) of my situation.

I was so excited because I wanted to finally explain why I was the way I was.  Trust me when I say growing up in a bicultural world was like taking a roller coaster ride with a side of the scary stuff.  In junior high I felt like crap because I was so different.  It never really occurred to be I was different from everyone else.  Which is why I go by Molly and not Mahlet.  That’s right my full name is Mahlet Sebhat.  I am a very unique person who has lived an even more unique life.

My dream someday is to write a story and publish it.  Weather its chapters of my life or just a full on memoir I haven’t decided yet.  But one thing I know for sure.  My blogs are my way of standing up for myself.  Also a bread trail for my son to someday find me when he is ready and curious.  That’s right I am a mother in her 30s.

I hope you enjoy these blogs.  I hope that you can look up my Facebook page and show support with a like or follow.  See this is my therapy in recovering from life.  My words are my own unless I share others works.  I am @SaraMahlet on Twitter and also on my Facebook Page.  Look for Sara Gamachu, blogger.  That’s me!  I am also planning to share some of the pictures that I took from my travels in Ethiopia.  It will be on my page also in a nice album.

So from me to you have a wonderful and safe 2018!

Sara Gamachu

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