I started my training at the Goodwill Job Retail Training area.  I really needed to refresh my customer service skills.

My blogging has lately become my way of communicating and expressing my thoughts clearly.  It is my platform for things that need to be said from the point of view of Sara.  Yes Sara is me…but with a better voice and courage.  I also thought with the tight of Emotional people might not like it.  Is this lady too emotional?  Well no not exactly.  See its part of my training to identify and say things.  Using my life skills and helping others.  That is very good for all of us.  I had noticed that my Training Ground post was a huge success so I thought how about Emotional be the next step.

I love to experiment with my posts.  Some are quotes and some or links.  I am just trying my hand at learning new things.  I am not a professional or a person that knows what she is doing.  I am just someone who loves to explore her creative skills.  For those who ask yes I use FREE themes and widgets.  Its going to be a while before I hit the big time but for now I am accepting things as they are.

There was so much I wanted to write about, but I am doing so many activities that I have to write it down and try to remember to post them when I can.


So this is Sara….starting over!