Emotional Part 2.

Normally I don’t post, tweet, or much of that unless well I feel something needs to be said. Now that I am doing more than that gradually the knot in my stomach is healing. Insulting people is bad. I just can’t highlight, underline, or bold it enough. Please lets prove people wrong and stand up for love and equality. We don’t need anymore hatred.


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Land of Opportunity.

Did that get your attention?  Good!


Its been a wipe out emotional few weeks in my life.  I was accepted into a job training program that I have been feeling a little less anxious.  This “adulting” thing is a lot harder than people would know.  I have in just a few weeks began eating and enjoying life.  I have found that creamers is the way to go when I need my daily coffee pick me up.  I have even had some exciting inbox notifications that people are liking and following my posts on here.  Color me thrilled!

I chose to be an American after being here for several years after arriving.  America is all I know.  So when someone says something very hurtful about my generation of children from immigrants/refugees/by choice to travel.  I am part of the third group.

I am just a very kind person who gets hurt by words.  Always have and probably always will.  What I do with my hurt is my choice though.  I choose to wait before contacting my son.  I choose to let him have a life even if it means waiting for him to look for me.  His happiness comes first and foremost in my life.

I am one of those unique people who are sweet, innocent, and well just about angelic like with a human face.  But hey I am human… not a ghost, AI, or bot.  Trust me just because I am getting on my feet doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart or feelings.

So with that I am closing with a small request.  Share my blog, Facebook Page, and well give someone else a hug with that.  Lets see if we can change the world or even save it from itself.  One less hatred means the good guys win.  What say you…..


Sara Gamachu

Princess Happiness