She chuckled as she realizes how strong she was. Slowly the memory veil shuddered as the thoughts crept back. She wished that the training had been better. How do you sell she wondered. Follow the smile she recalled. So that is what she did. Her voice started small as she read the script. Sure she stumbled with the words but she giggled as she tried again and again. Soon she felt herself get better with the voice. People smiled not realizing it was a first time she was front and center and not in the background. She observed others trying to find her knack. Yes I can she mentally told herself. If not now when. She walked around trying to figure out the cooler from freezer. They were both cold. One fogged her glasses while the other door would budge against her weight. Yes I am small she agreed but I have will power on my side. I will do my best to succeed. Not knowing the rules she did her best. Hoping her effort would pay off.