Writing my language of choice.

It’s been my language of communication and choice.  When the words can’t reach my tongue it decides the fingertips would be the next best thing.

Our first wedding anniversary he bought me teal journal with a matching small notepad.  It was the best gift he could have given me.  I wrote all my thoughts, notes I jotted down from my son’s appointments, and at a point a food journal for myself to see why I wasn’t gaining weight.  It especially held my thoughts as the extreme stress and anxiety started showing inside of me.

I don’t know what happened to my notebook.  It was left behind when I left “Sam”.  I requested it to be returned to me after the divorce hearing.  The small ones was all they could return.  Maybe someday my son might find it.

These days I am careful with my notebooks.  Trying to keep them close to me.  What I share online are the chosen few that my spirit tells me that need to be read.

I want my writing to be a beckoning lighthouse showing others to the shores of life between the storms that is thrown at us.

Does this help anybody?

Would you like to leave a testimony about how these or any of my posts leave an impression on you?  I have wanted to create a Testimony spot, but was not sure if it would be appropriate.  Now my heart feels like this would be the perfect time for it.  So let me know what you think?


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