Someone recently asked me what was something I would like to do with my life.  I thought a moment and grinned.  “I would like to write a story about my life and hope to inspire others with my story.”  That person smiled and said they would definitely read it.  I am just a young person that is learning to be self-sufficient and meander my way through life.

I have thought about what I would do if I decided to go from free account to premium,  My mind would wonder if people would be willing to pay money to just read all of my works.  I am just a young woman who looks more than half my age.  I love my job because I can inspire so many people with my bright personality with a can-do attitude.

Where have I been this year?  If you would believe it I have been working at my part-time job.  I have daydreamed about this goal for a while.  I suddenly realized that balancing life means also doing something that I love.  I missed writing.  Putting up blog posts and reading other bloggers’ work.

So why do I decide to do this now? I have not posted on my blog since the last year (or maybe longer). I wanted to let my mind simmer and decide about it. That and if I don’t start soon I may not have a real chance to live my dream of being a motivational speaker. Besides I have such a huge love of writing things inside of me. I would rather write, text, or email a note than speak. Some of it is my anxiety the rest is my confidence that I am trying to rebuild my self-esteem.

I have a Facebook page (turns out I didn’t delete it just hid it for a few months). It has many of the photos that I have found to brighten your day. I am also learning how to use Snapchat. I will post the link after I upload this one. Maybe we can all learn a few new things along the way?

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So what do you say?