You might be wondering how is this blog is different from the other blogs on the internet. That is a good question. I have asked myself that same question over and over. What I have come out with is each post is made from real stories in my life. From listening to music to help me with my depression and anxiety. To tales of my visit to Ethiopia.  How about the posts that describe my life before I left for Ethiopia? I mean someone battling PTSD symptoms that started before my divorce. Did I mention that I was a stay at home mom learning how to raise my son to be fearless? I kid you not; he was not afraid of anything that I could tell.
The more I think about it, the more I wonder what others might think about this blog. I am even thinking of changing the title of the blog to How I Learned To Start Over in 2013. It would be a great way to go from the beginning as SAHM, to being a woman returning to States after traveling from her birthplace, where I tried to find myself after a rough divorce, and how I am trying to get back on my feet after all of these changes in my life.