Tuesday Thoughts

For as long as I can remember reading and writing were my favorite things. Writing a report was something that I liked. Speaking out loud in front of the class wasn’t easy. I was incredibly shy, yet if it was a subject that I liked I pushed back the nerves and let my creativity do the speaking. It made up for my shyness.

Asking people to donate was like a that. I know that we are going through a difficult time in history. Yet my heart said to me give it a try Sara. You never know who might answer the call. So here goes nothing.

Creative butterflies soaring out of me.

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If you want to donate here is the place to do it. Would you like to choose a topic for me to write about that is a great gift for someone? I remember my 7th-grade teacher being pleasantly surprised of my writing skills at a young age. We did creative writing based on a picture we picked. People really liked my work. Here I am 30 some years later giving it another try. I also have a group on my Facebook page that you can message or post any requests. I am very excited to roll up my sleeves and get to work on my creative writing skills.