Land of Opportunity.


Did that get your attention?  Good!   Its been a wipe out emotional few weeks in my life.  I was accepted into a job training program that I have been feeling a little less anxious.  This “adulting” thing is a lot harder than people would know.  I have in just a few weeks began eating…… Continue reading Land of Opportunity.

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Every where you turn you see people in need of help. Young adults just hanging out with the “Who cares, what is the use trying” additude.  One can’t help, but feel the majority of that feeling creeping inside of you.  Who told you there is no use trying? I told the kids at Cheshire [through…… Continue reading Help

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The article I wrote last year.☺️

Article by Mahlet Sebhat I am so proud of this. I hope you enjoy it.  It brought my two cultures together and I was there to see history happen. Mahlet Sebhat Big thanks to Dorothy R. Hanson for the chance of a lifetime. 🙋