Dedicated to my son. Are we looking at the same moon? you can remember the film American Tail with Fievel. This song really gets how I feel.  Whenever I hear this song, I imagine myself looking out at the moon and wondering if he is looking at that same moon and thinking of me. Being separated from someone you love is difficult. I am just…… Continue reading Dedicated to my son. Are we looking at the same moon?

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Learning iOS this and that.

I am getting used to the new iPod touch that was gifted to me.  I jumped from 7.0 to 9.0 iOS.  Talk about a leap.  I love that I can finally use my Bible app at its current stage.  Honestly the Twitter, Facebook, and Messenger had my head spinning. Dare I say I felt old.…… Continue reading Learning iOS this and that.

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I change my theme yesterday.  I looked at all the themes in the showcase and wanted something versatile.  Simple yet can be used to inspire.  It had it all and my social links were intact (I checked today and gave a sigh of relief). Although My Journey Through Life was my origins blog.  This one is my…… Continue reading Hew

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The apps are waking up or shivering with excitement!~Sara Heard a new rumor our neighborhood might get a better reception and wait for it... 📶.  Can you say wahoo!! Thank you for bearing with me everybody!!!!! Coming soon <hopefully>  some new posts with..... Maybe pictures?🙋

3 years and over 400 moments later I returned to the Path platform.  I realized it was something simple and inspirational when I was starting my life over. I needed something different in case the popular platforms became unavailable. Wow was I ever right on that. It works with my IOS and kept me feeling… Continue reading January 27, 2017