Dreams can come true if you just believe.

“I would like to write a story about my life and hope to inspire others with my story.”

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Here is the post that I have been working on. I am hoping as I get used to my work schedule to be able to start writing again. Also check out my profile on The Mighty of my self care journey.

The land of dreams.

With a full schedule that keeps growing I am feeling confident and trying to keep up with life.  For another 4 weeks I am completing my retail training and then added getting healthy over that.  I tell you this is quite a load that I am learning to handle.  With my support group in hand…… Continue reading The land of dreams.

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Excerpt from my ADD project.

“beautiful mind that could memorize current event facts, trivia, and Bible information. When our family played Bible Trivia or even Trivia Pursuit I was way ahead of the curve. Now why couldn’t I put this into use with my studying? The world may never know.” Sara Gamachu, Blogger for pictures, video, and posts from the admin.…… Continue reading Excerpt from my ADD project.

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