Take the time to remember this country was built on freedom for everyone not just one group.  I remember seeing Lady Liberty and thinking about all the people that went through Ellis Island hoping and dreaming of starting their lives over. It brought a tear to my eyes knowing that could have been my family. … Continue reading Happy 4th.

Holiday Update.

Tis the season to take care of oneself.  That is exactly what I have started doing readers.  My holidays began with spending time with my friends and family.  Now I am just preparing to organize myself for the New Year.  I can’t explain how grateful I am to have such a great support team behind…… Continue reading Holiday Update.

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A gift.

During the holidays I try to do something nice for myself. It’s not a selfish thing when I tend to not ask for anything. Yes it was the fear talking saying I didn’t deserve it. So I took small steps by deciding what creamer to drink with my coffee.  Turns out snickerdoodle was the best…… Continue reading A gift.

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Things I miss. 11.14.14

Things I Miss. Things I miss From the Northwest Written from the Point of View of the Five Senses By Sara Gamachew November 14, 2014 Some things that I really miss from the States are the aromatic scent of candles. They can really make life worth waking up to. I also miss the various scents…… Continue reading Things I miss. 11.14.14

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