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I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog. If you want more adventures check out Starting Over in 2013 my other blog. It has articles I have shared about motherhood, parenthood, and other topics that may interest you.  I will be taking a break for parts of February to write more posts. I hope you will check out my archives for my early adventures in blogging.  They go back to approximately 2011. Feel free to comment, share, subscribe, follow, and like as much as you want. Ooh you can pin it, tweet, etc too. Oh the options are numerous. Give it a try! 

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Peace, love, and trust

Browsing for inspiration.

With my Spotify playing in the background I am browsing the WordPress internet (I am not sure if that is a real word) for some new blogs to read.  You see I was nominated for an award and realized that I haven’t expanded my horizon for new things to read.  I was embarrassed to have only follow a few sites since I had begun writing my blog.  I was so excited to write-up my entry to follow-up the nominating procedures when I realized I knew of only 4-5 blogs that I had begun reading and following.  So began my mission to find new blogs to enjoy reading and then soon nominate for the award.


Than I thought I could post the entry and update it as I go along.  My conscience told me that would be against the rules and that is how I began browsing for inspiration.  If any of you readers have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.




P.S. I am still learning all the rules to blogging.  So bear with me if I stumble and fall through this journal journey.