When you just want to give yourself a hug.

For the huggers out there. This one is for you!

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It is a nice Sunday with my Spotify playing a new playlist that I have come to enjoy. It is the Have A Great Day playlist. There are times that I need something to keep me optimistic and just plain happy. I have been finding different playlists that seem to match my mood or what…… Continue reading Sunday

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The Busy bee otherwise known as Molly.

Photo by Ree on Pexels.com

Dear Reader: Are you there? Yes, I am here. I have been working so hard, yet feel so content. If you had asked me what I would be doing in October I would have said I don’t know. Tomorrow will be another milestone for me and I am proud of myself for stepping up to…… Continue reading The Busy bee otherwise known as Molly.

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How I spent my November.


The new month came and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it.  I ended October eating chocolate and fending off anxiety from my job search.  I went to my therapist appointment hoping that my heart could find something to ease my nerves.  The depression and anxiety were pushing me to points that made…… Continue reading How I spent my November.

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