This is how you start over.  You let the ghosts from the past float over you so they aren’t part of your present.  I wanted to write this on my Facebook page as a note, but something told me that it would come out as a woman ranting on her past.  Nobody would understand why I did what I did.  So I thought and thought…. while I was thinking it brought so many things to my mind.  Like such as why aren’t people accepting my friend requests.  Do they understand that it is really me.  Than it hit me.  They think I am a ghost or some different profile other than myself.  Okay maybe that thought came from Instagram.  Yeah I had someone actually ask me if I was a ghost and to be more active.  That day I did something that I rarely do… I decided to a) take a break from Instagram, b) Block that person (because I had a right to and didn’t need anyone to tell me what I could and couldn’t do), c) Really look at who was or wasn’t following me.

From that day until today I realized I am not a ghost.  How could I be?  Now I am going to break my rule of identifying myself.  My real name is Molly… actually it is Mahlet, but people call me Molly for short.  When I left my husband I literally left everything behind.  I packed a weeks worth of clothes for my son and I and as much baby supplies that I could imagine.  My son was about to celebrate his 2nd birthday.  I left the house my ex-husband and I were living in and basically fled.  I ran for my life.  From this moment on I am going to continue going by Sara, the writer, and Molly the woman.  When you read the entries from my other blog you will see me use my real name.  I find that in order to move forward I can’t keep looking at the past.  So I am turning the page from being Mahlet A. to becoming Mahlet S. the writer who goes by Sara.  Like I said I am not a ghost….I am just a woman trying to start over….

Thank you readers for accepting me the person.  Please feel free to comment.  I could really use the feedback!  Also I decided today to be part of NaBloPoMo.  To me it is a challenge to use my writing to inspire others who may have been in the shadows.  My mom always has said that I could make a difference with my writing…. so that is exactly what I am going to do.  So join me as I let go of the ghosts of my past and move on to my future.

Ghost (Photo credit: lore)


Molly S.


Long time in writing.

I have realized that it has been a long time since I wrote on this blog.  I considered starting over and just trying all over again.  Than I thought what would be the fun in that.  So much has happened I want to write things in my own words.  My dreams are still there.  I can be more spacey than the average person.  I am starting to see myself go from who I am to who I want to be.  It’s the who I want to be that I want to discover.  My love of music is still there.  I have since discovered YouTube which has been absolutely amazing!  I have gone from being Misty the mystery to Molly the amazing.  Okay maybe not totally amazing, but a girl can shoot for the stars.  Yes this has been a long time in writing, but that is what makes it more amazing.  Call me Misty call me Molly.  I am who I am the young woman inside of me.