How is it that we are half way through 2019?


It’s been a few months since I sat at my laptop to write. The last few months I was doing some reading (you can see my stats on my Twitter profile) watching videos on Prime Video, and of course my music on Amazon Music. Yes, I am learning to be an Amazon kind of gal.…… Continue reading How is it that we are half way through 2019?

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7/11/17 I took a few days off from writing and posting on my blog. The tension of life lead me to fatigue that made SAD symptoms look alike. The rain would come at sporadic times so you never knew if it was teasing or not. We have had a lot happen here with some construction…… Continue reading 7/11/17

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Sharing: 700!

Proud of you Viking!  Keep up the good work! 🎆Sara Despite my rant on Monday about the decrease in blog views, the followers number just keeps on rising. I absolutely love you all! I truly hope I never get used to this. As I said before, a book giveaway is coming at 1000! Thank you!…… Continue reading Sharing: 700!

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