Going home.

I posted this on Medium.  I was written during my time at Hardees.  I was dealing with life after the divorce.  You can hear in the words how much my heart was weary and I needed to remind myself that things would get better if I just kept going.  It was written a few days before I flew back to Seattle with my son to visit my mother.  Not knowing how things could change in just a few weeks and than months.  Within a  few weeks I was diagnosed with Post Tramatic Stress Disorder from the extreme stress and anxiety of my situation.  This was writtien on the way home in its entirity.


I am going home to my son that loves me.
I am going home to someone that cares.
He puts my face in his hands and calls me mommy.
At a young age he is learning so much.
Yet there is so much he still needs to know.
Some day I hope he has a father that is caring.
Someone who doesn’t look on the outside but the inside.
Yes I am going home to someone who loves me.